PACT at Home


We miss our third graders!

Our classroom visits may be on hold but you can continue the fun at home with your family!

1. Choose one of the scripts below

2. Rehearse with your family

3. Perform and record your play!

4. When you're done, share it with us!

Dad:  I have no money and today is our child’s birthday.

Mom:  Maybe we could make something.

Dad:  Maybe we could sell something.

Child:  Good morning, Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad:  Good morning.  Happy Birthday!

Mom:  Go out and play while we make breakfast.

Aunt or Uncle: What’s wrong?

Dad:  We have no money for a gift.

Aunt or Uncle:  It’s about your heart.

Mom:  I’ll make the best cake.

Dad:  I’ll spend a day in the park.

Child:  Dad, will you play with me?

Dad:  All day at your favorite park.

Child: This is my best birthday!