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Red - 2013 Season
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August 21 – September 15, 2013

Performance Schedule

  • Previews on Aug 21-22 at 8pm
  • Thu. – Sat. at 8pm
  • Sun. at 2pm

Ticket Prices

  • Previews: $29
  • Thursdays: $38
  • Fri., Sat., Sun.: $45
  • Opening Night: $50

Tickets Now on Sale!
Call the Box Office: 562-436-4610 (M-F 9 am-5 pm) or Click Below


American abstract expressionist and celebrated bad boy of the art world, Mark Rothko, has just landed the biggest commission in the history of modern art, a series of murals for the exclusive Four Seasons restaurant. In the two fascinating years that follow, Rothko works feverishly with his young assistant, Ken, in his New York studio. But when Ken gains the confidence to challenge him, Rothko faces the agonizing possibility that his crowning achievement could also become his undoing. Red is a searing portrait of an artist’s ambition and vulnerability as his struggle to accept his growing riches and praise becomes his ultimate undoing. Paint collides with canvas live on stage as masterpieces are born and torn down in a visceral experience that spills off the stage and will forever change the way you see red.

Season Subscriptions Now on Sale!
Call the Box Office or Purchase Online

What Critics are Saying

“the play is a dazzling examination of artistic obsession … a fast-paced verbal duel beautifully orchestrated in caryn desai’s subtly escalating staging.” – LA Times

“GO – Director caryn desai provides an impeccable production on JR Bruce’s soaring set, and she’s splendidly served by her actors … Abatemarco eloquently captures Rothko’s humor as well as his fervor, while Stafford provides an indellible sketch of the young man who’s transformed by their association from shy nebbish to militant challenger of the Master.” – LA Weekly

“Director and producer desai and company give Tony Abatemarco everything he needs to create a tour-de-force performance as the lofty, self-aggrandizing Rothko” – OC Register

“WOW – This very made-for-LA production of John Logan’s Red once again places International City Theatre in the top tier of Los Angeles-area regional theatres.” – StageSceneLA

“… rich, clever, never even for a minute dull.”– Press-Telegram

“Under desai’s incisive, informed decision, Tony Abatemarco gives a superb intepretation of Rothko” – Grunion Gazette

“highly intellectual, passionate, and, at times, spellbinding” – ArtsinLA

“Here in Long Beach we are given a production that, to the best of my memory, is better than the one at the Mark Taper Forum a few years ago.” – Golden Rain News

“‘Red’ is not just for art lovers, but for anyone who loves good theatre, good acting and a really good story … ‘Red,’ like Rothko’s work, is intensely emotional and will make you question , not only how you see the color red, but how you see, in general.” – LA Examiner